About conference

4th International practical conference RoboSector-2018:

Robo Sapiens vs Homo Roboticus

RoboSector: what is it?

RoboSector – is a place for dialogue and exchange of experiences and technologies between members of the professional community.

Goals of conference:

  • promoting the development of professional community,
  • exchange of information, experience, knowledge,
  • review of advanced technologies, components and solutions,
  • discussion of current trends and prospects of the robotics industry,
  • promoting the use of advanced technologies in Russian projects.

It’s the practical event, giving an answer to the question "What kind of technology or components should be used to implement specific application?"

Target group

Subject sections

The topic of conference 2018:
Robo Sapiens vs Homo Roboticus

Place and time of the event:
29 March 2018

Russia, Moscow, conference halls of hotel Izmailovo-Gamma

Features and benefits for participants:

  • Obtaining relevant information about innovative and promising technologies and developments in the field of robotics
  • Presentation of own developments and projects a to conference audience
  • Getting new strategic contacts to develop
  • Meetings and negotiation with the leaders of companies
  • Participation in a panel discussion and exchange of views
  • Participation in master classes and demo sessions

Getting assistance and answers to practical questions


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