RoboSector-2018: «Human & Robot integration - trends, technologies, solutions»

IV International practical robotic conference RoboSector-2018 brings together partners and robotic market players, start-ups and sucessful projects, designers and manufacturers of robotic systems and components again.

The main goal of RoboSector conference is the dialog among participants of robotic professional community to discuss the actual topics of the industry and exchange with the experience and technologies in different branches of robotics.

New times ask us for new interesting questions. Science fantastics uses completely new words as portable microelectronics and implantable devices, surgery made by robots and artificial organs and parts in human body, human-like robots and robots-assistants and even the rise of the robots for a long time already. We use smartphones and smart glasses, humanoid robots, exo-prothesys and exo-skeleton, portable insulin pump and surgery robot in our dairy life. We are not surprised anymore with the news about the artificial muscle or artificial heart, about the control of artificial hand with the power of thought or connection of the control interface directly to the teleneurons of the living organisms.

How deep and which areas of human life can robotics get in? Which place in our life AI can take? What are the potential capabilities of AI? Can it be uncontrolled? How close can robot and human collaborate and coexist together? Will human dominate or be just a part of the new order? What are the trends in the world and what can we expect in future? Which technologies and components will allow us reach new level of robotics?

The integration of the human and robot become so deep that we have to ask: DO WE EXPECT HOMO ROBOTICUS OR ROBO SAPIENS?

We will look answers for that questions as well as for others during the nearest conference RoboSector.

Presentations and speeches, master-classes and round tables, workshops and discussions, personal meetings and expositions as well as newest developments, modern trends, disruptive technologies and new visions all together are RoboSector.

We Kindly invite all the members of the professional community to participate the dialog within the IV International Practical Robotic Conference RoboSector-2018 in Moscow in 29 of March 2018.