Cybathlon participant on RoboSector-2018

We’re glad to introduce Christian Bermes, the participant of practical conference RoboSector-2018, professor for Automation and Mechatronics, Institute for Lab Automation and Mechatronics (ILT), HSR University of Applied Sciences (Switzerland).

Christian and his HSR Enhanced teammates succeeded to develop a racing chair ZED for paralyzed pilot Florian Hauser in 10 months. Thanks to this development, the team received a Gold Medal at the first competition in Cybathlon in Zurich in 2016.

As part of the business program of the conference, Christian Berms will make a presentation "Participation in Cybathlon - How Success Comes", while which he will tell in detail about the designed chair and their path to success.

Cybathlon is an international competition for people with disabilities, in which both professional athletes and amateurs participate.To pass the tests, participants use various assistive technological developments, such as a hip prosthesis, hands, exo-skeleton, etc.

The competition is aimed at drawing attention to advanced modern technologies, which in the future will help people with disabilities, return to active life.