Join the leaders of the robotics market!

IV International practical robotic conference RoboSector-2018 brings together market professionals to dialogue for the fourth time.

We pay much attention to the composition of the participants and visitors of the conference. The event attracts the interest of company managers, project managers, implementers and developers, heads of scientific and educational laboratories and Universities.

RoboSector’s participants are representatives of companies working in the fields of development and serial production of robotic complexes, its testing and operation, development and production of components, technologies and software for robotized stations and personnel training, as well as representatives of relevant departments and government agencies.

Robotics has become a breakthrough, "cross-cutting" industry, spreading into all other industries and changing approaches and paradigms - in production, medicine, science, space, education, entertainment and everyday life.

Within the framework of the event, representatives of different sectors of the economy and industry have the opportunity to exchange experience and technologies, to receive up-to-date information about the market, the latest trends and developments.

We invite all comers to demonstrate their developments in the field of robotics, as well as to participate in the coverage of the most relevant topics, to act as experts, speakers and exhibitors of the conference.

RoboSector-2018 is waiting for you!

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